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Hi! My name is Qian Zheng. I am an interaction designer with computer science background in San Francisco Bay Area. I got formal art training in college and mastered solid front end coding skill in graduate school. Through visual design, systemic thinking and storytelling, I hope to make your day a little more delightful.

My passion includes working with the ever-changing mobility space, and integrating human-centered design approaches into creating valuable products and services. Besides my design skills, I specialized and interested in creating creative strategy, doing user research and user behavior observations. I like to discover and devotes my time on research before design.


In my past 2 projects, I did user research for over 150 users including user interview, survey and usability testing. Thus, I am able to understand user, business and tech needs comprehensively; and also solve problem creatively and practically.

Outside of work, my interests include painting,  hiking, cooking for my friends.


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